_3d / stereoscopy

_3D / Stereoscopy

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3D technology, although it is an aged concept, never has a great diffusion as people have imagined or hoped a few years back. Nevertheless, it is definitely an interesting opportunity to be exploited in order to experience such a particular vision. The team of IMAGE Project is always keen to study and try out new technologies, and careful when it comes to the market trend: we lead it, instead of following it.

One of the most interesting 3D applications today is linked to grand events, conventions and alike, where the projection of 3D contents becomes a huge and impressive plus. IMAGE Project aims to make it possible and feasible to realise a 3D project without spending an astronomical figure. We have developed and tested a series of operation procedures starting from shooting images, to the post-production and the distribution of 3D contents, all included in our own solution kits. Nowadays it is possible to produce 3D images, with workflow not far different from the traditional one (at least from the operative point of view since the technical set-up is definitely more sophisticated and challenging).

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A 3D product can be distributed in the format/channel similar to the one of HD standard (for example Blueray or files). The visualisation of 3D contents is possible even at home by consumers in general. It only requires a “normal” 3D monitor (screen size up to 50 inches) and active shutter glasses. The visualisation on bigger screen, on the other hand, requires 2 video projectors and passive polarized glasses and the cost is fairly reasonable and therefore suitable for the projection for 1,000 people or even above.

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