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We started our activities in the early 80’s, in a time when possessing and knowing how to use an “Umatic” meant technologically avant-garde, and BVU seemed to be an impossible-to-reach investment. Under such circumstance, we focused mainly on providing video technical services to local and national TV broadcasters, and occasionally even to other production studios in the sector. After a few years, with our highly appreciated experience, we decided to launch our own production series.

During the following years, some of our projects turned out to be blockbusters in the nationwide network!
Later on, we have also explored into territories of theatre and show biz which gave us the opportunity to enrich the transmission content to a greater extend, and naturally, the quality of technical realisation of the production never came less prioritised. The technology is applied as it is supposed to be: communicating information and emotion.

In the year of 1999, we kicked off a serial drama production of 16 episodes. The project involved 2 years of shooting in various sites spreading out in Rome (including Cinecittà) and the province of Rieti. It was a milestone for us, not only for the marathon-like duration of the project, but also for the integration with the graphic world of cinema, which is very different in its way and method of operating comparing to ours from a historic background of television. Because of this particular experience, we have thus developed an unique approach for our own productions.

The capability we have developed during the years of producing TV programs and drama series, gives us an advantageous position when it comes to organise events of mega-scale. Not only we can manage all the logistic details and the run-down of the event, we can also bring a special touch to the atmosphere, letting our spirit of “live theatre” to take the lead. Such magic element is particularly appreciated in solemn occasions. This part of our business has witnessed a huge growth in both quality-wise and quantity-wise in the last decade, bringing us numerous awards and recognition from our satisfied clients.

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